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When you select Stalt, Inc. as your transfer agent,
you've gained a partner...
at a Glance
>> New Securities Issuances
Control & Compliance
>> Validation of Ownership &
Transfer of Securities
>> Maintenance & Updating of Shareholder Records
>> DWAC Services
>> Mergers, Stock Splits, &
Name Changes
>> Dividend Disbursements
>> Informational & Proxy Mailings
>> Annual Meeting & Voting Certification
>> Internet Proxy Voting & Reporting
>> Coordinating Broker Searches

When you select Stalt, Inc. as your transfer agent, you've gained a partner, one that will work diligently to help you succeed. In the process of researching this all important decision, to which you will trust your shareholder transactions, you should consider several factors. Performance and price are among the most important factors, and Stalt, Inc. is certain that we will exceed your expectations on both.

The services we offer you are not ancillary to a larger business. They are our only business, that's why we are confident in our knowledge and expertise. It is important to you that when you become our client, every member of our team becomes a member of yours. Unlike large, impersonal agencies, each person at Stalt, Inc. is available to you whenever needed. And when you have a specific concern you won't get the bureaucratic run around. Everyone, from our president to our operations specialists, is only a phone call away.

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